How to make Briquettes from the Agriculture and Forestry waste?

Biofuel Briquettes

Agriculture and forestry waste are existing in many area and most of time it’s only waste and not using further. Sometime if such waste not managed appropriately, can pollute the atmosphere sometimes.
Briquettes Machinery converts such Agricultural and Forestry waste into solid Bio fuel Briquettes without using any Binder. Such binder less process of briquettes production has known us Briquetting Project.
Briquetting Process is very simple and it’s required less man power compare to other project. Only we need is Briquetting machine, raw material (with 8-12% moisture, size below 25mm) and Land. Biomass waste of Agriculture and forestry waste feed from one side of the machine. Biomass waste binds into solid through Ram punching and Briquettes come out from other side of Briquetting Machine.
See here the full process of Briquettes Production using Briquetting machine and Agriculture and forestry waste.


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The briquetting plant can be operated in two ways. In the first case while pre processing the raw
material, the temperature of the feed material is not considered. In fact, the temperature is not at all critical for the production of briquettes. But if we take into consideration the power consumption, the wear behavior of the screw and the temperature of the die, then the temperature of the raw material at the time of feeding to the screw extruder plays a significant role.
The capacity of the feed preparation section of the plant must match with the briquetting capacity of the machine. In a commercial plant, the feeding of the raw material to the flash dryer is done through a screw conveyor. Components of a typical flash dryer are an air heater and a fan to produce a flow of heated air upwards through a long vertical drying duct.

The material to be dried is introduced into the airstream by the feeder, and the hot air conveys the particles through the duct in a concurrent flow. The dried material is then passed through a cyclone to separate particles from air and transported into the collecting hopper. The storage hopper should be given adequate attention regarding its capacity and to ease the flow of the material. Bridging in the hopper may cause fluctuations in operating conditions and may also lead to a production halt. The dry material is then fed to the screw extruder through a screw conveyor for its briquetting. In the case of briquetting with preheating of biomass, the material
is control fed to a preheater to heat it to a desired temperature.

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Renewable Energy,Biomass Energy

The term “biomass” refers to organic matter that has stored energy through the process of photosynthesis. It exists in one form as plants and may be transferred through the food chain to animals’ bodies and their wastes, all of which can be converted for everyday human use through processes such as combustion, which releases the carbon dioxide stored in the plant material. Many of the biomass fuels used today come in the form of wood products, dried vegetation, crop residues, and aquatic plants. Biomass has become one of the most commonly used renewable sources of energy in the last two decades, second only to hydropower in the generation of electricity. It is such a widely utilized source of energy, probably due to its low cost and indigenous nature, that it accounts for almost 15% of the world’s total energy supply and as much as 35% in developing countries, mostly for cooking and heating.

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Briquette Machine Is The Biggest Energy Source For Future

Today, biomass energy has bright future and to produce it biomass briquetting machine is the best energy source for renewable energy future. Biomass feedstock can be used to produce solid, liquid and gas fuels. Briquetting machine is used to produce solid fuel briquettes from different types of biomass feedstock or agriculture waste.

Before 1990’s, nearly 75% of the rural Indians depended upon bio fuels for 80% their energy needs. Why people are switching from fossil fuels to bio fuels? The main reason for this is that briquettes made from biomass feedstock are Eco friendly and cheaper than other traditional fuels. So more and more people are switching to briquettes to cut down energy costs.

Fuels are very important for human being and most of Industries. Fossil fuels are very expensive and spread lot of pollution among the world which is dangerous for our environment and world’s economy. So briquetting plant is the best option for producing Eco friendly bio fuel with affordable range of price. In the industry, different types of briquetting plants are available to fulfill the demand of customers.

You can save money and save environment by using briquetting press machine that is a green energy source to solve environmental issues.

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Invest In Green Briquetting Machine To Go Green

Briquetting Machine is the best option to produce energy for organic materials such as agriculture waste, green waste, municipal waste etc…People are well aware for new generation’s future and they want to make it better and better. So briquette plant is the way to generate biomass energy and earn revenue for future. Biomass and agro forestry waste are used in briquetting process to make efficient bio fuel. Through this plant we can produce biomass energy, briquette and green electricity for our upcoming generation.

Bio fuel briquettes are mostly made of green waste or organic materials which are commonly used for electricity generation, heating and cooking. These compressed mixes contain various organic materials like sugarcane bagasse, groundnut shells, almond shells, rice husk, wheat husk, municipal waste, green waste or anything that contains high nitrogen content. These all wasted materials are put into biomass briquette press to get high biomass energy and briquettes. These briquettes are different from charcoal because they do not have large concentrations of carbon substances.

People have been using biomass briquettes in India since many years. The use of biomass briquettes is steadily increasing as industries realize that it can decrease pollution and best source to earn money from wasted material. Environment friendly, the use of biomass briquettes produces few greenhouse gases than fossil fuels. Briquettes are available in different shapes and sizes which are made from briquette plant. This plant is hope for the better future and proven as the best project form government.

There is collection of briquetting machines which are made by expert biomass briquetting machine manufactures that have capability to make that type of briquetting machinery as per people’s need. They are making various types of briquetting machines and selling them at reasonable price which anyone can afford it. There are many briquetting press machine suppliers and exporters in India which have collection of this machinery and they are selling them at affordable cost.


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We also have a dealer and distributor network across the globe, we are also engaged with international players in different Renewable Energy projects & Biomass Briquetting apart from Private and Multinational Players we are officially on board with 3 foreign Governments to serve their Renewable Energy Projects and providing Biomass Solutions.

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